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Do you need Residential work done on your home? What are your glass needs?
Let our experienced staff and installers do the work for you.

Is your shower/bath, mirrors or windows needing an upgrade or a replacement?
We can do that. At Lohman Glass Company we have been in the business for 32 years now, supplying all of our customers needs.

Maybe your wanting a beautiful, heavy glass shower in clear or in a patterned glass.
We also offer Free removal of your old shower enclosure.

Tired of that clear glass window, well how about a rain glass pattern or many other designs to choose from.

Are your bathroom mirrors looking old, have they lost their luster, how about replacing them or updating them with bevel strips.
You may want to update your cabinet doors in your home with patterned glass or simply clear glass, AND, while your at it have you considered keeping your furniture like new with pattern cut clear glass or bronze.

Maybe you need some extra motivation while working out and keeping fit, mirrored walls would be helpful.
Or better still, mirror the walls in your home and give it that larger look.

Are you interested in keeping your energy bills down?
It may be time to make sure your windows in your home are energy efficient and are saving you money.

We can install Insulated windows if that's your goal.
What ever your needs are, it is our desire to help you put it all together.

Remember we give Free estimates, all the time!

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